Our Story

Culturally smart Art, Home Decor and Lifestyle Brand.

Beautiful. Proud. Free. That’s what natural hair is in our eyes. When you see a woman rocking her natural hair, in all it’s glory, you know she is all about self-expression, empowerment, and standing out in the crowd. Art and More 811 is an exclusive lifestyle brand of Art, home decor, accessories, and fashion created specifically with that kind of woman in mind.

Art and More 811 celebrates African American culture, the beauty of women of color, natural hair, and women’s empowerment. The Art and lifestyle products are inspired by the women who are unapologetically Black, beautiful, and proud! We aspire to uplift our community, spread love, confidence and style!

When our founder Candice Henderson started her natural hair journey, she looked for Art and images that depicted the bold outlook of natural hair rocking, beautiful women, and vibrant colors to decorate her home. She wanted to see Art and decor that reflected her culture and aesthetic. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she created Art with abstract and vibrant Afro-centric images that she could identify with and wanted to see daily.

Her vision for the brand is to offer other women like her who are proud of their heritage and their hair, a selection of products they can literally see themselves in.  

Her goal is to offer culturally smart, natural hair inspired Art and products that will help to empower women and girls to embrace their magic and add some bold vibrant  representative Art to their lives!

More than a lifestyle brand, Art and More 811 is becoming a movement with a cult-like following on Instagram to prove it. The word is spreading and we’re excited about all of the great things that are to come. Join the movement. Stand out. Shop with us and do you in style!